Driven by the promises and nightmares of his childhood, Nicholas returns to the ancient port city he called home to overcome his past and enter his future. But in his thirteen year absence, the city has become unrecognizable: gone are the colors, the joy, and the Elf-magic of the old port haven. In it’s place are an oppressed people, enslaved by a crazed General, including the love of his life, Esma.

Determined to free Esma and the city, Nicholas launches a campaign to bring food and gifts to the starving and wanting. His goal: win the heart of the city and overthrow the General in a peaceful manner. But the enemy will not go quietly, and Nicholas must use all that he learned from his father and his Elven family to unseat the mad Ruler. The question is, how much will he have to sacrifice to bring freedom to those he loves?

– Were to Buy –