Stories are the threads that tie us together. Stories help us sort through the chaos and mess of life. Stories help us find meaning and joy. In a time when politics have left us cold, in a time when science creates more questions than answers, in a time when religion is suspect to so many, stories remain true.


We create stories packed with amazing characters,
that remind us of who we really are,
that cause laughter or tears, anger or fear,
and that entertain the audience’s pants off.


CHRIS Dalton

Chris has worked as communications director, graphic designer, marketing consultant and professional writer for the last eighteen years. He has worked with and for large companies like Lockheed Martin and Eli Lilly, as well as local charities and houses of worship. He studied screenwriting with UCLA and the Act One Program in Hollywood, California. He writes novels, serial novels, short stories, feature film scripts, web series, children’s books and more.


Carissa has worked for over ten years as a professional on-camera actor. She has appeared in TV shows, national and local commercials, radio commercials, independent films and web series. A talented filmmaker, she wrote, produced, acted and edited the web series pilot for Red Lips. Before acting on-camera, she performed professionally on-stage and is a classically trained vocal singer as well.

BRIAN Dalton

Brian began his professional career working for the Arizona State Auditor General as an auditor. After five years, he transitioned into technology and worked for Digital Equipment Corporation in sales and new product development. He stayed on through mergers with Compaq, and then Hewlett Packard. After working for nearly twenty years as a technical liaison between Server/Storage Product Engineering and the field, Brian retired in 2003. For the next three years he served as the CFO of a real estate develop group. He currently works as a CFO for a local non-profit.